Lorenzo Cirri Lawyer in Florence

Lorenzo Cirri – Lawyer of the Court of Florence enrolled in the ‘Order of Attorneys’ of Florence no. 6420.


Graduated in Law from the University of Florence in April 1998 with a thesis focusing on european community (with tutor Professor Vincenzo Vigoriti ).

In 2009 completed a three year course in counselling at the ‘Association of Humanistic psychology of Florence’ obtaining maximum marks, and in 2010 passed his exams at the ‘Italian counsellor association’ (Aico) and thus became admitted to the National Bar Association.

Professional Activity

Provides legal advice and advocacy for the benefit of companies, individuals and business cooperations, but also on a European level, operating in Denmark, Greece, England, Spain and Australia.
In the past he has provided and continues to provide services pertaining to judicial activity and strajudicial activity in materia , contract law si , family law, work legislation, and international law.

Apart from providing legal services for renowned metalworker businesses, Florentine hotels, catering companies, construction companies, società per azioni, and real estate brokerage houses, in the past Lorenzo has provided legal advice and assistance for the “Camera del Lavoro” (zona Mugello) located on Borgo San Lorenzo.

Currently provides legal advice for the renown international sports company ‘Apnea Academy.’

He also took part in the development of the corporate and legal sectors of the operational manual ( Vedemecum ), aimed at the identification of the simplified procedures for the acquisition and management of community financing related to the recovery of artisanal activity, small to medium sized manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and commerce in Tuscany.

He contributed at A.G.E.A to the study for the development of technical procedures relating to the construction of a ‘Camera Arbitrale Nazionale’ and to the pertaining conciliation procedures.
He offered his own advocacy for the litigation involved in the european financing of agriculture; advocacy provided to a number of advocacy societies that are founded by the ‘Camera Arbitrale Nazionale’ at A.G.E.A.

In 2004 Lorenzo founded his law firm in Via Marconi 58, integrating his own services with those of other colleagues from complementary teams; professionals with whom he now shares the building.
Between 2004 and 2011 Lorenzo went about updating important Florentine companies on the rule on privacy and also taking part in courses on the same theme, thus ‘installing’ the whole works with the most ‘modern software.’

Simultaneously to the practice of advocacy Lorenzo specializes in domestic conflict management, on the occasion of separations and the cessation of the civil effects of a marriage.

He takes part in numerous courses on conciliation – something in which Lorenzo firmly believes. (DLgs 28 of March 2010)
In 2008 he was nominated curator of the assets belonging to a minor by the tutelary judge (judge who supervises cases concerning guardianship).

Extra-professional Work

In 2010 he completed the 4 year training course ‘SAT’ by Claudio Naranjo on character study (physiological test).

He dedicated himself to the teaching of under water breath-holding skills with weekly lessons for over 10 years within the society for which he is president (Asd Apnea Firenze) ; a society was brought to dazzling national recognition by Lorenzo himself for its members and activities.

He participates in development activities as instructor and technical communication expert (Public Speaking) .

Lorenzo is also an expert connoisseur of the computer systems (also websites and forums) on windows (word, excel, powerpoint, front page etc … ) and Apple, as he has computerised his office with the Mac processors and computers.


In 2009 the publishing house Jovene published the book ‘A Company’s Criminal responsibility” ( “Reponsibilità penale dell’impresa” sul Dlgs 231), which Lorenzo oversaw as co-author.